Meet Our People

Angelo Boliaris

Angelo Boliaris

Property Investment Manager/ Principal

Hi, my name is Angelo!
In my spare time, you'll normally find me buried deep under a car bonnet with grease all the way up to my elbows.

In my work time ? I get down to business! Twenty six (26) years in the industry I am constantly evolving, adopting modern techniques and implementing new ideas.

Approaching 20 years as a principal, my passion for the industry is unwavering, and our growth continues on the back of implemented state of the art software and management systems.

My primary role at Living here is the successful management and growth of your investment portfolio.

Always at the ready, with my finger on the pulse to offer you exciting new investment opportunities; bask in the peace of mind that Living here Kogarah has to offer.

Ph: 9002 6535

Con Boliaris

Con Boliaris

Property Maintenance Executive

Hi, my name is Con!
I'm a green thumb at heart, with my spare time spent tending to my garden, and celebrating the successes of my veggie patch.

As a modern "Baby boomer" I have re-trained and upskilled myself to fulfil the valuable role of Living here's Property Maintenance Executive; which is largely a unique role in our industry!

I bring with me over 40 years of experience, with a clear and concise understanding of general property maintenance issues. My role is to ensure management of your property is achieved in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

My use of state of the art software applications and industry unique management systems makes my service a rare breed indeed? and you, our clients reap the rewards!

Ph: 9002 6534

Melissa Johnstone

Melissa Johnstone

Risk and Compliance Manager

Hi, my name is Melissa!
A coffee lover, baker, and creator of many things for friends and loved ones are a long-standing passion of mine.

In my role as Living here's, Risk and Compliance Manager, I take the commonly unenviable role in keeping my colleagues on the straight and narrow.

Unlike my colleagues who thrive in the bustle of the front line, I do my best work in the privacy of Living here's headquarters.

I implement industry leading strategies and management tools to guarantee compliance with legislation, and extensively mitigate risk when managing your investments.

Ph: 9553 1000