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Peace of mind is paramount

Managing the full cycle of an investment property is our ultimate priority. And that’s where Living Here Kogarah is different.

Unlike other agencies which try to be all things to all people, we are investment specialists. Every process and procedure within our company has been designed around you.

If you are a property investor you need to feel confident that your hard-earned investments are being expertly managed. We have the expertise to help you maximise your wealth and achieve your investment goals. When you’re ready to grow or adjust your portfolio, we have the expert advice you need for that, too.

If you are a high-quality tenant you’ll find that we appreciate and value you and we work with you to ensure your tenancy is smooth and enjoyable.

You’ll always have access to all of your information through our Investor and Tenant Portals and you can also speak directly at your convenience to your individual property manager via our online one-on-one meetings.

With these and many other key differences designed around you, we deliver an unmatched experience.

Give us a go….. The grass really is greener

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