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Managing the full cycle of your investment property is our ultimate priority. And that’s where Living Here Kogarah is different.

Because we focus on your investment, we have the expertise to manage your property first, yet still have the expertise to sell your property when you’re ready.

We firmly believe investment management is about helping you create wealth. And we’re here to help you do that.

We can even help you find your investment property, whether it’s your first investment or your tenth.

Through smart, effective practices, we know how to keep your costs down while maintaining your assets so they continue to deliver the returns you expect. We understand that different investors have different needs and we tailor our services to match yours. We can deliver a comprehensive package that takes in scheduled maintenance, bespoke insurance and more. Or a more streamlined service that gives you a more hands-on role.

Talk to Angelo and the team and let us show you how easy and fulfilling property investment can be

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